Season 2020/21 Fixtures

NOTE: Skips are responsible for selecting their teams in the following;  Agricar League,

Angus Province League, Forfar Challenge, Rescobie Trophy, Angus Challenge, Double Rinks,

 Forfar Rink K.O.,Robertson Club Challenge and ALL Area 9 competitions.

Bonspiel teams are listed below. Players are responsible for notifying skips if they are unavailable.

 Nicoll Menzies v Letham Grange 

J DuffC JoinerN JoinerG Milne

D M Graham Medal v Fotheringhan  

Team 1  Team 2 Team 3  Team 4 
W ThomsonK GibbsA McGlynnG Smith
J DuffA Joiner G PatersonM Cumming
C CurninI Gibbs J Gibbs M Callander 
H Thomas C Muir D Stobbs P Ord

Prosen Kettle v Angus Glens

 Team 1
 G Paterson 
 A Joiner 
 C Paterson 
 H Thomas  

J C Stewart Tankard v Kirriemuir 

Team 1Team 2   
G PatersonM Cumming   
N SmithJ Gibbs 
I Gibbs C Paterson 
M CallanderH Thomas 

Smith Trophy v Forfar Ladies  

Team 1  Team 2  Team 3    
A McGlynn W Thomson G Smith 
M CallanderA Joiner J Gibbs  
D StobbsN Joiner  C Muir  
L JoinerP OrdC Curnin  

Panmuir Kettle v Panmuir 

Team 1Team 2
K GibbsA Joiner 
A McGlynn G Smith 
P Ord
N Joiner 
G MilneL Joiner 

Wood Mather Trophy v Brechin Castle

Team 1Team 2 
G PatersonG Smith 
N SmithA Joiner
D StobbsC Curnin
P OrdG Milne

Loons & Lassies v Dundee Ladies

Team 1Team 2 

Glennie Thomson v Catterthun  

Team 1  
W Thomson  
G Paterson 
D McFarlane  
P Ord 

Robertson Trophy v Evenie Water  

Team 1 Team 2  Team 3  Team 4 
W ThomsonK Gibbs A McGlynn J Duff 
I GibbsM CummingC JoinerN Smith 
C PatersonJ Gibbs S Thomson M Callander 
D StobbsC Muir L Joiner D McFarlane

Callander Trophy
A McGlynn I GibbsS ThomsonA N Other

Jarvis Trophy v Aberlemno

Team 1 
A Joiner
C Curninl
S Thomson 
A N Other

Mixed Bonspiel v Forfar Virtual

M White
D McGlynn
A Joiner
Gillian Duff
K Kilgour
M Gledhill
A McGlynn
K Fairlie

Peter Pan Trophy

P OrdM CallanderH ThomasA N Other

D McFarlaneN JoinerG Milne
A N Other