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Sat 30 Sept 2:00pm Opening Bonspiel v Dalhousie G Paterson
Thur 5 Oct 6:00pm President V Vice President See Syllabus
Thur 5 Oct 8:30pm Mixed Bonspiel v Kirriemuir 1A Joiner, A McGlynn
Thur 5 Oct8:30pmMixed Bonspiel v FothringhamD McGlynn, M Gledhill
Tues 10 Oct 6:00pm Smith Trophy v Forfar Ladies See Team Lists
Wed 11 Oct6:00PM Nicol Menzies v Letham Grange  J Duff
Wed 11 Oct8:30pmPunch Bowl I Gibbs v A Joiner
Thurs 12 Oct6:00pmAgricar v Pitkerro W Thomson
Tues 17 Oct 6:00pm  Province v Angus Glens  A Joiner
Tues 17 Oct8:30pm Punch Bowl  C Joiner v J Duff
Wed 18 Oct6:00pm Callander Trophy v Lundie & A'house A McGlynn
Sun 22 Oct2:00pmPunch BowlK Gibbs v N Smith
Tues 24 Oct6:00pm Angus Challenge v KirriemuirForfar 1 - G Smith
Tues 24 Oct 8:30pm Angus Challenge v Evenie WaterForfar 2 - I Gibbs
Wed 25 Oct6:00pmPunch BowlI Gibbs v K Gibbs
Thur 26 Oct8:30pm Agricar v St AndrewsA Joiner
 Sat 28 Oct2:00pm Scottish Rink Champ v  Evenie WaterC Joiner  
Sun 29 Oct11:30amPunch BowlN Smith v C Joiner 
Tue 31 Oct1:00pm Adamson RosebowlB Bonnyman v D Stobbs 
Tue 31 Oct 1:00pm Adamson RoseBowlM Cumming v G Smith
Tue 31 Oct6:00pmPunch Bowl A Joiner v J Duff
25-26-18 69 - 138 

Thur 2 Nov8:30pmRescobie Trophy v Suttieside 2Forfar 1 - M Cumming
Thur 2 Nov8:30pmRescobie Trophy v Kirriemuir 2Forfar 1 - A McGlynn
Sun 5 Nov11:30am & 2:00pmBruce WalkerSee Team Lists
Tues 7 Nov6:00pmRink KO v KirriemuirJ Duff
Wed 8 Nov8:30pmProsen Kettle v Angus GlensG Paterson
Wed 8 Nov8:30pmPunch BowlC Joiner v A Joiner
Thur 9 Nov6:00pmAgricar v FothringhamK Gibbs
Sun 12 Nov11:30amIndoor Bonspiel v DalhousieJ Duff
Thur 16 Nov6:00pmScottish Rink ChampsC Joiner
Sat 18 Nov11:30amPunch BowlN Smith v I Gibbs
Sat 18 Nov2:00pmJarvis Trophy v AberlemnoA Joiner
Mon 20 Nov6:00pmProvince v SuttiesideK Gibbs
Tues 21 Nov6:00pmPunch Bowl J Duff v N Smith
Tues 21 Nov8:30pmPate Millenium v Fothringham 1C Joiner - See Team Lists
Tues 21 Nov8:30pmPate Millenium v Fothringham 2K Gibbs - See Team Lists
Wed 22 Nov8:30pmPunch Bowl K Gibbs v A Joiner
Thur 23 Nov8:30pmAgricar v CatterthunG Smith
Tues 28 Nov6:00pmRobertson Trophy v Evenie WaterW Thomson, K Gibbs, A McGlynn, J Duff - See team Lists
Wed 29 Nov6:00pmDouble Rinks v FothringhamI Gibbs, W Thomson
Thur 30 Nov
6:00pmAgricar v Aberlemno - M Cumming

Sun 3 Dec11:30pmCrichton Tankard v Suttieside Forfar 1 - W Thomson
Sun 3 Dec2:00pmPunch BowlJ Duff v K Gibbs
Wed 6 Dec6:00pmPate Millenium v Fothringham 3A Joiner - See Team Lists
Wed 6 Dec6:00pmPate Millenium v Fothringham 4
W Thomson - See Team Lists
Wed 6 Dec8:30pmScottish Rink Champs Final C Joiner
Tues 12 Dec6:00pmProvince v KirriemuirW Thomson
Tues 12 Nov8:30pmPunch BowlI Gibbs v C Joiner
Wed 13 Dec8:30pmPunch BowlA Joiner v N Smith
Thur 14 Dec8:30pmAgricar v Angus GlensI Gibbs
Sat 16 Dec2:00pmPunch BowlC Joiner v K Gibbs
Mon 18 Dec6:00pmRink KOJ Duff
Tues 19 Dec6:00pmD M Graham Medal v FothringhamW Thomson, K Gibbs, A McGlynn, G Smith - Meal After Game - See Team Lists
Wed 20  Dec6:00pmGlennie Thomson v CatterthunW Thomson - See Team Lists
Wed 20 Dec8:30pmPunch BowlI Gibbs v J Duff
Wed 27 Dec6:00pmRaeside TrophyW Thomson v M Cumming
Tues 2 Jan8:30pm
Raeside TrophyA McGlynn v K Gibbs
Wed 3 Jan8:30pmPanmure Kettle v PanmureK Gibbs, A Joiner See Team Lists
Thur 4 Jan6:00pmAgricar v EdzellJ Duff

Wed 10 Jan8:30pmAngus ChallengeForfar 1 - G Smith
Wed 10 Jan8:30pmAngus ChallengeForfar 2 - I Gibbs
Thur 11 Jan8:30pmJ C Stewart Tankard v KirriemuirG Paterson, M Cumming See Team Lists
Sat 14 Jan2:00pmCrichton TankardForfar 1 - W Thomson
Sat 14 Jan2:00pmCrichton TankardForfar 2 - K Gibbs
Mon 15 Jan8:30pm       Club KOJ Duff v I Gibbs
Tues 16 Jan1:00pmAdamson RosebowlM Cumming v D Stobbs
Tues 16 Jan1:00pmAdamson RosebowlB Bonnyman v G Smith
Tues 16 Jan6:00pmProvince v FYCC Joiner
Tues 16 Jan8:30pmRaeside TrophyJ Duff v K Gibbs
Wed 17 Jan6:00pmForfar Challenge v SuttiesideForfar 2 - N Smith
Tues 23 Jan8:30pmRaeside TrophyJ Duff v A McGlynn
Thur 25 Jan6:00pmAgricar v FettercairnA McGlynn
Sat 27 Jan4:30pmPattullo Trophy 1TBC
Sun 28 Jan2:00pmCrichton Tankard Semi FinalForfar 1 - W Thomson
Sun 28 Jan2:00pmCrichton Tankard Semi FinalForfar 2 - K Gibbs
Sun 28 Jan4:30pmPate Millenium 
Semi Final
Winners 21 Nov 8:30pm See Team Lists
Sun 28 Jan4:30pmPate Millenium 
Semi Final
Winners 6 Dec 6:00pm See Team Lists
Tues 30 Jan1:00pmAdamson RosebowlG Smith v D Stobbs

Tues 30 Jan1:00pmAdamson RosebowlM Cumming v B Bonneyman
Tues 30 Jan6:00pmProvince v FothringhamJ Duff
Wed 31 Jan6:00pmRaeside TrophyK Gibbs v W Thomson

Thur 1 Feb8:30pmAgricar v Letham GrangeC Joiner
Sun 4 Feb2:00pmGrant Trophy v EdzellK Gibbs - At Forfar
Sun 4 Feb4:30pmRobertson Cup v FordounN Smith
Tues 6 Feb8:30pmWood - Mather v Brechin G Paterson, G Smith See - Team Lists
Wed 7 Feb6:00pmForfar Challenge - Semi FinalForfar 1 - A Joiner
Wed 7 Feb6:00pmCrichton TankardForfar 2 - N Smith
Wed 7 Feb8:30pmRaeside TrophyK Gibbs v M Cumming
Thur 8 Feb8:30pmRaeside TrophyJ Duff v W Thomson
Mon 12 Feb8:30pmRink KOJ Duff
Tues 13 Feb6:00pmAngus Challenge - Semi FinalForfar 1 - G Smith
Tues 13 Feb6:00pmAngus Challenge - Semi FinalForfar 2 - I Gibbs
Tues 13 Feb8:30pmDouble Rinks - Semi FinalI Gibbs, W Thomson
Wed 14 Feb8:30pmCallander TrophyA McGlynn
Thur 15 Feb6:00pmAgricar v SuttiesideN Smith

Sat 17 Feb 11:30pmPatullo Trophy 2TBC
Sat 17 Feb2:00pmDistrict MedalK Gibbs, A McGlynn
Sun 18 Feb4:30pmPate Millenium  - FinalWinners  - Sun 28 Jan 4:30pm
Wed 21 Feb8:30pmRaeside TrophyW Thomson v A McGlynn
Thur 22 Feb8:30pm      Points Free Ice
Mon 26 Feb8:30pmRaeside TrophyM Cumming v J Duff
Tues 27 Feb8:30pmClub KOC Joiner v A Joiner
Wed 28 Feb
8:30pmCallander Trophy - 
Semi Final
A McGlynn
Thur 29 Feb8:30pmAgricar v Evenie WaterG Paterson

Tues 5 Mar6:00pmClub KO - Semi FinalN Smith - v Winner of 17 Jan 8:30pm
Wed 6 Mar6:00pmClub KO - Semi FinalK Gibbs v Winners of 27 Feb 8:30pm
Sat 9 Mar2:00pmRobertson Cup - FinalN Smith
Sat 9 Mar2:00pmPatullo Trophy 3TBC
Sun 10 Mar2:00pmCrichton Tankard - Local FinalForfar 1 - W Thomson
Sun 10 Mar2:00pmCrichton Tankard - Local FinalForfar 2 - K Gibbs
Mon 11 Mar8:30pmForfar Challenge - FinalForfar 1 - A Joiner

Mon 11 Mar 8:30pmForfar Challenge - FinalForfar 2 - N Smith
Tue 12 Mar8:30pmDouble Rinks - Final I Gibbs, W Thomson
Wed 13 Mar6:00pmPatullo Trophy 4TBC
Wed 13 Mar8:30pmRink Knock Out - Semi FinalJ Duff
Sun 17 Mar4:30pmClub Knock Out -              Final 
Tues 19 Mar8:30pmAngus Challenge - FinalG Smith or I Gibbs
Wed 20 Mar6:00pmPeter Pan v FYCForfar 2 - P Ord
Wed 20 Mar8:30pmPeter Pan v Fothringham Forfar 1 - D McFarlane
Thur 21 Mar8:30pmRaeside TrophyA McGlyn v M Cumming
Sun 24 Mar2:00pmCrichton Tankard - Grand FinalForfar 1 / Forfar 2 
At Forfar
Tues 26 Mar8:30pmCallander Trophy - FinalA McGlynn
Wed 27 Mar8:30pmRink Knock Out - FinalJ Duff
Thur 28 Mar6:00pmClosing BonspielMeal After Game Team on the Night