Punch Bowl

In Teams where two players are in Brown Italics : Skips should alternate these players between 2nd & 3rd.

This will be played as a round robin.

 Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 
J DuffI GibbsN Smith 
J GibbsD StobbsM Callander 
G SmithG PatersonD McFarlane 
N JoinerP OrdL Joiner 
 Team 4 Team 6 Team 7 
A JoinerK Gibbs C Joiner 
S Thomson
C Curnin
W Thomson 
C Paterson
C MuirM Cumming 
H ThomasA McGlynnG Milne

When requiring a sub please check with the listed subs b
elow before going to a                      player from another team.                                                              

Substitutes: H Thomson, Ad White, B Bonnyman, M Gledhill, K McLean, B Railton,     D. Miller, H Duff, J McGlynn.  Any other club member playing in their appropriate position.